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Tony Robbins Business Mastery January 2018 - Jimmy Rex Notes

Day 1 -

- The number one thing Tony sees in hugely successful people is HUNGER!

- Doing big things is what makes them feel alive

- When everyone else pulls back, you need to double down and steal market share %

*Execution is everything!

- The words you use matter.. Watch what you say cause you will f up and confuse yourself if you use the wrong words

ex. “I had the worst day ever” Your body will literally respond as if you had the worst day ever

** Your mind is a muscle.. You train it and it grows. “My mind does what the F I tell it to do!”

II. 5 things you can change

1. Place

2. Promotion

3. People

4. Price

5. Product

- Anytime you feel the “suffering” “upset” or “frustration” you catch yourself in 90 seconds. Make a game of it, feel the appreciation for it. Say to yourself, “Im only feeling this because….”

Q. What are your 2 most stressful thoughts that consistently show up in your life?

Q. What tends to trigger those thoughts?

Q. When you get triggered how do you feel? Act?

Q. What would you rather feel?

** To get back to a beautiful state, let go of the illusion of loss!

III. Three things that cause suffering

1. Fear of loss

2. Fear of less

3. Fear of never

- Happiness is only appreciation for what we have

A. Think of a dream or goal you have- imagine it was just given to you freely- You would be so bored with it cause it only means something if you go earn it

Q. You ever been in an argument and halfway through you realize it is a really stupid argument? This is your soul reminding you that you aren’t your thoughts or your words.

**Business is just finding a way to do more for others than anyone else

A. Taking the time to connect and appreciate

B. If you are given the gift of influence ask yourself, “How can I take the invisible and make it into the real?”

- Most people just manage but you are a creator!

- As you have success’s you realize that you are meant to create and not manage and you have a lot less fear

IV. Introduction

** Schedule a 90 min meeting each week when you just work on the business

- All business is is just marketing and innovation

A. Innovation- Anything that helps the customer get a better experience

- If you add more value, you will get more business out of your customers

B. Marketing is easier than ever cause it is so cheap to do now but it’s harder because it is everywhere

** People don’t buy products or services, they buy feelings and identities

Q. What can people become by being associated with your brand?

V. Fastest ways to grow a business

1. Who is your ideal customer? Even if the economy crashed, who would use your product or service?

2. What is an irresistible offer?

- Ex. Zappos returning any shoes people didn’t like

- Columbia house 12 CD’s for $1

A. Clarity is power

- What do they love?

- What do they hate?

** Passion is great but execution is everything. Passion trumps knowledge

- Life is just a dance between what you desire most and what you fear the most

“You don’t want to be the richest person in the hospital at the end of your life”

VI. 3 Keys to a breakthrough

1. State- Example he gives is being in a state of love instead of being in your mind

2. Story- To have a breakthrough you have to demolish your bullshit story

3. State- Example he gives is being in a state of love instead of being in your mind

- Lots of times addicts can’t get out of bad habits cause they keep changing strategy but they don’t have a state change or a story change

- Lots of times addicts can’t get out of bad habits cause they keep changing strategy but they don’t have a state change or a story change

VII. The core of all Business

- See it as it is, not worse than it is

- See it better than it is

- Make it the way you see it

Ex. of marketing- Youtube vs Vimeo.. Only major difference was YouTube asked their customers to share it 9 times for every one time Vimeo did

Q. What are you missing in your business that if you noticed it, it would change everything?

Ex questions

1. How am I perceived by clients?

2. What exactly do I do?

3. How do vendors see me?

4. What is my marketing message?

5. How am I empowering those around me?

III. The 7 Forces of Business Mastery

- Get a CFO, someone that can look at the #’s and know exactly where to spend the money to grow

Q. What business am I really in?

1. It gets you out of your box and expands your market

2. The language you use puts you more in state

3. The language you use makes it more aspirational and compels peoples interest

4. Most business’s describe their business in terms of process instead of benefits. What are the benefits of your business?

I. Ask yourself “What business are you in? What business are you really in? What business do you need to be in?”


1. Create an effective business map

2. Constant strategic innovation

3. World Class marketing

4. Sales mastery systems

5. The power of financial and legal analysis

6. Constant optimization and maximization

7. Constantly create raving fans and culture

IIV. Who are you?

1. Skilled Producer (Artist- has the gift of creating)

2. Manager/ Leader (Loves to create and grow it- build it)

3. Entrepreneur- (Lives for risk)

**I’m actually a skilled producer, need to create role more clearly for manager so I can grow

- You can do the right thing at the wrong time and not be rewarded

IX. 10 Stages of a Life Cycle of a Business

1. Birth- Owner takes significant risk

2. Infancy- A race for survival- Cash flow challenges

3. Toddler- Hired some people- management by crisis

4. Teenager- Growing like crazy, confidence through the roof, near death experiences

5. Young Adult- 90% of entrepreneurs are taken out- Limit what you focus on

6. Zone of Maximization- Reaping the rewards

7. Mid Life Evaluation- Things begin to breakdown

8. Aging- Breakdown begins to accelerate

9. Institutionalization- Kept alive artificially

10. Death- The vision is no longer sustainable

** The key is to get to and stay in “Zone of Maximization” for as long as possible. Some do it for hundreds of years.

X. 5 Fundamental Areas of Focus

1. Goals

2. Management Style

A. Structure

B. Authority

3. Growth or Decline of revenues and profits

4. Types of problems

5. Types of rewards

** To be a genius in your industry you need to get in front of a cultural shift- Get in front of a trend

XI. Innovation

1. Be just ahead of a trend- But not the only one in the trend

2. Infinite upside- If it works it can scale hugely

3. Steps

A. New voices

B. New questions/ new conversations

Ex. Bill Gates asked, “How can I become the intelligence that runs all computes?”

C. New perspectives

D. New Passion

E. New experiments- Don’t even expect it to succeed

Q. Where can I get these new innovations?

XII. Jay Abraham’s 3 Ways to Grow a Business

1. Increase the number of clients (customers)

2. Increase the average transaction value

3. Increase the frequency of repurchase- Get more residual value out of each customer

- Fear less than your desire and you’ll take action

- Change your fear of failing to a fear of not succeeding or a fear of not taking action

** Proximity is Power**

- You have to find a way to be around the people you want to be friends with

- You have to rise up to match those that have the power to up your game

***The Planet is our Playground and Love is our Legacy!***

1. Feed and strengthen your mind 30/ min day

2. Feed and strengthen your body- INTENSITY- Let your body know you are in charge

3. Find yourself a role model- Someone already getting the results you want

4. Get in proximity to your role models

5. Always give much more than you plan to receive

“The only 2 things we get to keep is who we’ve become and who we’ve touched”

- Change is never a matter of ability, it’s a matter of motivation


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