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I’ll never forget my first day as a real estate agent, way back in 2005. I was so excited to
get started, feeling like an adult for the first time. I approached the owner/broker of the
little ma-and-pop shop I had chosen to hang my license with. I only had one question:
“Where do I get started?!”
The broker looked at me like I was the first person to ever have such a question. He
was running a flip business, a mortgage company, and a real estate company, and I don’t
think he had ever taken on a brand-new agent before. I was less than a minute into my
real estate career, and immediately I knew one thing: my broker had no idea what to tell
me. After stumbling around, he told me to find a white page and just start calling anyone
I could get ahold of to buy real estate.
I knew this was less than effective, so instead I spent the next three days typing up
and hand addressing letters to everyone I had ever come across: my mom and dad’s
friends, my neighbors growing up, and all of my high school friends’ parents. That took
me three days until I was once again out of things to do. I picked up the local REALTOR
Magazine. In the back I found an ad for an audio program that would teach you how to
acquire “endless leads.” I bought it and listened to it every day for a month. The ideas
weren’t great, but they were all I had.
Six months later, with very little training and no real idea where my next deal would
come from, I was about to get out of the business. I had entered real estate with high
hopes but no idea what to expect. I had chosen a company based off of a relationship
and not a training program. I was broke, exhausted, and looking for the next chapter of
my life.
Thankfully, I found a mentor shortly after that, a man named Bill Pipes. Bill is not

only the coauthor of this book, but he has been my mentor since that day and my per-
sonal real estate coach since 2010. After attending a seminar that Bill was hosting, I went

on a rampage, selling home after home. At the end of my first full year, I had closed sixty
properties. The next year I went on to sell another ninety-eight, and my career took off.
I was one of the lucky ones. I found my mentor and somebody to help me succeed
in the business. But over 80 percent of real estate agents who get their license don’t end
up renewing it two years later. This is an astounding number considering the months
of classes and studying it takes to get your license in the first place. What I wouldn’t

have given to have this book when I first started out as a realtor at age twenty-three, all
those years ago. For this reason, I decided to put together this book. I wanted to create
a resource, a real estate agent’s bible so to speak, that any new agent could look at and
have to give themselves endless ideas and expectations of what it takes to succeed in this
business. Who better to deliver the information than one hundred of your peers? Not

twenty-year veterans of the business who have Rolodexes with half the town. Young mil-
lennials, hustling just like you are.

The agents in this book were carefully recruited to be a part of the project. We
wanted millennials (born in 1980 or later), and we wanted agents that were dominating
in their marketplace. This project took a little over a year to complete, mostly because I
was running my own real estate team at the same time. Rather than making a training
manual with just my own experiences, I decided that it would be much more useful to
gather information from different areas of the country.
I got this idea from one of my first mentors, Mike Ferry. When I met Bill Pipes at
that seminar all those years ago, he was working for Mike. Because of my quick success,

I was given opportunities that most agents could never dream of. I was personally men-
tored by Mike, and he invited me to be on panels in front of thousands of agents to share

how I went about calling For Sale by Owners. But the most invaluable thing I was ever
involved in was a group that Mike put together called The Top Producers.
This special group was about one hundred agents from all over the country who
would come together once a quarter in a different city and share all of their knowledge
and expertise with the rest of the group. To qualify to even be a part of the group, you
had to sell more than seventy-five homes per year. The reason the group was so powerful

is because everybody came with an abundance mindset. They shared the real informa-
tion that was causing them to succeed. Getting outside of our own markets, we weren’t

afraid to open up and share different ideas and marketing techniques that we used to
become top agents.
I used to walk away from those meetings feeling like the luckiest person alive. I used
many of their ideas and information as I started to grow my team and as I continued to
improve as a realtor. I used to always think about how valuable the information would
have been if I or someone else had been smart enough to record the information. As I
began to think about this book and what I wanted it to be about, I realized that I wanted
to create a written version of The Top Producers.
I chose the seven questions that I asked each agent because I thought about the
seven questions I would have wanted answered when I was starting out. How do we get
this thing going? What was the first deal you ever did? This is so helpful to agents who
are starting out because a typical experience is much like mine, where you have no idea
where to even start.

Introduction 11

From there I wanted to see how successful agents plan out their day. I believe suc-
cess leaves clues, so I wanted to see what the best in the industry did to plan their day.

I also wanted to know how many of these agents were buying their own real estate and
how often they were doing it. Too often we assume everyone else has it all figured out;
we feel like we are behind. What this question showed me and what it will hopefully
show you is that slow and steady wins the race. Most agents don’t have fifty investment
properties. Most buy one and sometimes two per year and steadily grow their portfolio
over a long career.
One of the hardest things as a newer agent is feeling like everyone is succeeding but
you. Because of this, I wanted to know how these other agents were failing. I think it is
important for new agents to see that it isn’t all roses for the veteran agents either. I know
a lot of new agents see how I work now, and all the vacations I go on, and they think
that is normal. I want them to see what it took to get to this place: the decade of pain
and suffering and calling prospects every single morning for hour after hour; the ability
to get rejected forty times in a morning, knowing that each no eventually would lead to
that one yes.
This book wouldn’t be complete and wouldn’t serve the purpose I want it to without
a section on marketing and social media. This is the part of the book that reminds me of
those Top Producer seminars a decade ago, when I would learn from Chris Heller how to
attract hundreds of leads per month, or from Joan Pate, a legend in the industry for the
past forty years. What I hope you get from this section of the book is realizing that there
are so many avenues to attract leads. There is no silver bullet; you simply find a method
that works to get ahold of a lot of people, and then do it over and over again.
I really hope this book can create a place for you to go to get inspired, to learn new
methods and habits of success, and ultimately to set you on a path so that you can have
a job worth having, a business worth owning, and a life worth living. Thanks for letting
me be your millennial mentor. I look forward to hearing from all of you as you sit down
and digest the information in the book.




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