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Ten Best Jazz Instagram Accounts That Every Fan Must Follow

1. Jazz Wave

Jazz wave is quickly becoming a fan favorite for their up to date offseason notices and the fact that they are trying to build a community of strong and positive Jazz fans all through their Instagram Pages.

Follow Jazz Wave to keep up to date with the offseason, schedule announcements, and a solid fan base community.


SLC Dunk is the official account of the authors that cover SB Nation.

Jazz fans need to follow this account because they are typically first to announce big time news as well as they do the best with giving graphics that are attractive and that show actual informative stats.

3. Utah Jazz

If you are a fan and you are not following the Official Utah Jazz account, then you have been missing out on a great account that is truly dedicated to the fans.

The Jazz account not only gives a good perspective during the game but they post about things that sometimes the fans miss or wouldn't have the opportunity to be apart of.

4. Jazz Nation

Jazz Nation is one of the most unique sports accounts there is. They focus on providing content for the fans that is focused on what is happening around the league with the Jazz.


They stay up to date with inside information that is found on social accounts like Twitter and put them directly into your Instagram timeline.

5. Spidamitchell

If you aren't following Donovan Mitchell, you need to change that right now.


Mitchell has brought new life to the State of Utah and shows it well on Instagram.

6. UT Jazz News

One of the newest Jazz based Instagram Accounts, UT Jazz News is going to be one that will gain some popularity quickly.


They focus on bringing not only news that is breaking but also news that is happening with each player and announcements that they are making.

7. Rudy Gobert

Jazz Big-Man Rudy Gobert, just finished off an amazing 2019 season with a well-deserved All-NBA 3rd Team Selection.

Rudy is a fun follow on Instagram because he is very active in the community as well as different charities that he shares on his page.

8. Jazz Bear

One of the most popular spots mascots, the Jazz Bear is a great follow for Jazz fans. 

Following this account will give fans a more indepth look at the Jazz Organization and all that they do to help the community.

9. Jazz Dancers

The Jazz Dancers are one of the more fun dance teams in Sports because the Jazz has done a great job of giving them a spotlight and a place with the organization.


Follow them to see the latest updates, new members, and other charity events that the Jazz are apart of. 

10. Jazz Team Store

One thing that the Jazz has done is stepped up their colors and apparel.

Following this account will hurt your bank account as they are constantly releasing new gear that you will want to be the first to get.

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