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"If you want to meet “Those People” you need to become the type of person that those people want to"

About 15 years ago I graduated with my associates degree from Utah Valley University. I wanted to transfer for my last 2 years to BYU because I had always been a fan of the school and thought it would be a great place to learn in a high quality environment.. Only problem was, I didn’t get accepted so I was going to have to reapply in 6 months… I decided to use that time to go into real estate and screw around with that for a bit.. Needless to say, I liked the real estate gig, I was making more money than I ever thought possible, and I had no desire to go back to school again at that time.. I share this story because my dad was really excited for me to go to BYU, that is where he and my mom had gone, but for me it just wasn’t in the cards. I was able to make him proud several years later though when the school called me and asked if I would come in and teach their business students about “Networking”. It was a proud moment for me, the school that I wasn’t good enough to attend calling me to teach as an expert to the students that are good enough to attend.. You can see why I took a little pride in this moment! I’m not saying I am the expert on Networking but I get asked all the time to come in and speak to groups on how to show up as an attractive person and how to instantly gain report and become friends with anyone that I meet. An example of this was a speech I recently was asked to give at a conference called Door2door Con. Networking done wrong is a nightmare! I will repeat that, networking done wrong is a nightmare! I have learned that if you don’t enjoy it, you simply won’t bother to do it. Your life will be fine, it will consist of random people that just happen to come into your life, but if not built by design, you will never know who you could have brought into your circle and how those relationships would have benefitted the lives of everyone around you. We have all heard the saying, “We are the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with!” Well there is a reason that saying is always being used… It’s true! Look at your life right now, your income, your goals, your fitness, everything about you is going to be a mirror of those 5 people. Is it time you up your game??? I recently started a podcast called “The Jimmy Rex Show” where I highlight and interview twice per week the amazing people that I have been lucky enough to have in my circle of friends. As you listen to each episode I hope you will hear the stories and see how I was able to develop genuine friendships with so many amazing leaders and captains of their industries.

Some examples are: Dave Bateman - The founder and CEO of tech giant Entrata who employs over 1600 people here in Utah

Sean Reyes - The Utah attorney general and a world leader in the fight against human trafficking

Kyle Van Noy - Super Bowl Champion and staring linebacker for the New England Patriots

Garrett Gee - Founder of the “Scan” app which he sold to Snapchat for over 50 million dollars while still in college. He know tours the world with his family and shares it all on his Youtube channel “The Bucket List Family

None of this is by accident either though.. I am inspired by these people and many others like them and that is why I love being able to meet them, become friends with them, and share life experiences with them. It’s hard to play down in life if you are surrounded by amazing people doing crazy cool things every single day! If you would like a copy of my free Networking (Need to figure out title) ebook click on this link and I will send that over to you. A few of the key lessons you will learn more about in that book are:

  1. In depth about being the type of person that those people want to meet

  2. Proximity is Power

  3. Create a memory

  4. Expect nothing/ Give everything

  5. Snowball - How your network can and will 10X once you apply these principles


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